Is It Wrong to be Jealous Of My Partner Watching Porn?


When a man watches porn, it is normal to feel jealous or insecure. This is actually a common issue among many women. It's hard for a woman to get over the fact that her man is looking and perhaps thinking of another woman. It is hard for a woman to accept a man watching porn because traditionally, … [Read more...]

Does Liking Anal Sex With a Strap On Make Me Gay?


Many people like different forms of sex. New and exciting sexual encounters help spice up the sex life, and if you're into trying new things you might find a few that really turn you on and help make your orgasms explosive!Both women and men can enjoy anal sex and if you're a man who has a female … [Read more...]

I’m A Virgin – Will My Big Penis Hurt My Partner?


This isn't a common question because usually it's the other way around with a man asking if his penis is too small. Though the questions are opposites, the answers share a common thread.It's really not the size of your penis, but how you use it.  A lot of guys see this as a copout response, but it … [Read more...]