It’s Me Or The Porn! You Choose…


Men watch porn. It's a fact of life.Nevertheless, many women who are girlfriends and wives of men watching porn can feel hurt or neglected. She may even ask the man to stop watching porn... or else.If you find yourself in this situation, you're not alone. But what do you do?Do you let him do … [Read more...]

Lying Virgin – Do Hookers and Hand Jobs Count?


If you're in a relationship, you're likely to be with someone who has had at least one other partner before you. Sometimes you're with someone who hasn't, or sometimes they've had more than they can count on their fingers . . . and toes.This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It can be difficult … [Read more...]

Peeping Tom – How Do I Turn My Fantasy Into Reality?


Voyeurism. Watching. Peeping.It's not all bad...Many people find themselves in the situation where they're watching someone having sex, and they're a little surprised to find out they enjoy it.Everyone has a little bit of voyeurism in them, but what happens if you want to take it to the next … [Read more...]