BDSM Dilemma – Should I Tell My Parents?


No matter how close children are to their parents there are some things that probably shouldn't be shared - and sexual preferences is one of them.Most of the time parents don't really want to know about their children's sex lives. Just like most people do almost anything in their power to avoid … [Read more...]

Curious Virgin Swingers – Honey the Neighbors are HOT!


Imagine meeting another couple, neighbors, co-workers, other parents... You become good friends or your kids become good friends, and you find yourself spending lots of time together.And then one evening, maybe after a few drinks by the pool, you start to notice that they're really hot, you start … [Read more...]

Is it Possible to be a Shy Dominatrix?


Those are two words that you don't normally see in the same sentence: shy and dominatrix.Is it possible to be both? Here's a question from Melissa who is a little confused. She always considered herself to be submissive, but lately, she keeps meeting others who want her to dominate them. Dear Dan … [Read more...]