Curious Virgin Swingers – Honey the Neighbors are HOT!


Imagine meeting another couple, neighbors, co-workers, other parents... You become good friends or your kids become good friends, and you find yourself spending lots of time together.And then one evening, maybe after a few drinks by the pool, you start to notice that they're really hot, you start … [Read more...]

Is it Possible to be a Shy Dominatrix?


Those are two words that you don't normally see in the same sentence: shy and dominatrix.Is it possible to be both? Here's a question from Melissa who is a little confused. She always considered herself to be submissive, but lately, she keeps meeting others who want her to dominate them. Dear Dan … [Read more...]

Why Condoms are the Latest Trend in Women’s Personal Care Products


Ahhhh the condom... Mention it and you can clear a room faster than yelling “FIRE!” So what do we all have against this poor little piece of latex? Well, it can be an awkward addition to a passionate event... sort of the third party of a love triangle you don’t want to deal with. But practically … [Read more...]