How To NOT Give Him Blue Balls!


Sex tips are the best way to understand how the opposite sex works. Girls are notorious for giving guys blue balls, but here's how to avoid being a tease! What She Said: Congratulate Yourself!First of all, if your man is complaining of blue balls, check his ID.  No adult man would own up to the … [Read more...]

Hookup Commandments To Live By


Sex tips are not just for relationships. These can also cover hookups. Here are the commandments that real men and women are saying you MUST follow in order to avoid awkwardness and still have fun. What She Said (For Girls) 1.    Thou Shalt Bring ProtectionYou can buy condoms anywhere and they are … [Read more...]

Should You Accept Your Lover’s Strange Fetish?


Kinky sex is a great way to keep your relationship fresh and new. But should you accept your partner's strange fetish or should you draw the line? What She Said: I think this might be more fantasy then fetish. Whether its BDSM, high heels or having your eyeballs licked, everyone has a sexual … [Read more...]

What She REALLY Hates In Bed


Sex tips usually involve techniques she loves. Here is what real men and women are saying she HATES in bed. Learn now for better sex tonight! What She Said: Every Woman is DifferentSome like sex fast slow, hard, less hard etc. It’s impossible for a man to instant know EVERYTHING that a woman likes … [Read more...]

How To Break Up The Right Way


Relationship advice can help you avoid the pitfalls of a messy break up. Here is what real men and women are saying about breaking up the right way. What She Said: No Birthdays Or Text Messages Breaking up with someone can get really messy.  Especially if you have been dating for a while.  If you … [Read more...]