What You NEED To Know Before You Have Sex!


Sex tips? Who needs those? You know the basics, right? You  know exactly what you need to do to get her wet and in the mood. You go at foreplay for all you’re worth and she starts making those tell-tale noises in your ear to let you know that you’re turning her on.Just as she’s getting in the mood … [Read more...]

How To Use Anal Fingering In Your Sex Life


Anal fingering has become very common among most couples nowadays, whether they go all the way to anal penetration or not. Chances are that while you were performing cunnilingus on your girlfriend or wife, you played with your fingers on her backdoor without her resisting it.If you want her to be … [Read more...]

How To Give Any Girl Multiple Orgasms During Sex


Sex tips are essential for giving your girlfriend or wife multiple orgasms. These orgasms are tricky territory and may be hard just to bring up in conversation, if only because many women don’t even know they are possible!If she is already struggling to reach orgasm regularly, so might not want … [Read more...]

3 Seated Sex Positions To Give Your Girl AMAZING Orgasms


Sex positions offer a lot of flexibility and comfort in a couple's repertoire. They allow for (at least) one partner to relax and sit up comfortably, and can offer tremendous clitoral stimulation for your wife as well.The first time I ever came during intercourse, my partner and I used a seated … [Read more...]