3 Rear Entry Sex Positions To Make Her Orgasm FASTER!


Sex positions offer a lot of benefits for you and your wife to make the Big O all that much easier to achieve: G-Spot stimulation, easy access to both partner's genitals, and the possibility of great body contact depending on the position and angle of penetration.Most men don't need a lot of … [Read more...]

What Matters Most To Women During Sex


Sex tips are essential for all guys to learn what matters most to women. Men are obsessed with the position you do it in, how long you last, or whether or not you give her an orgasm. What matters most to her is YOU! A woman’s relationship with her man is often times the main reason behind her lack … [Read more...]

The Secret To A Sensual Erotic Massage Before Anal Sex


An erotic massage is another way to prove your love for her back parts. The gluteus maximus, the main butt muscle that gives each buttock its round shape, is one of the biggest, chunkiest muscles of the body, meaning it loves being massaged. Because there’s usually quite a bit of fat covering the … [Read more...]

Advanced Anal Sex Prep That Will Make The Experience Incredible!


Anal sex is requires a lot of preparation to avoid messes. In order for anal sex to be a pleasurable and sensational experience, you need to take care of a set of extensive preparations beforehand. You don’t want any setbacks to interrupt you from achieving that, do you? This chapter will shed light … [Read more...]

2 Woman On Top Sex Positions For BETTER Orgasms!


Woman on top is a great sex position for women who like to be in control. This is also great for the man who loves to watch. Women on top positions provide the perfect combination of sexy female power and hot male voyeurism.Some of these positions offer fantastic clitoral stimulation, while others … [Read more...]