5 More Female Orgasm Myths You Think Are TRUE


A female orgasm is associated with a lot of myths. Here are 5 of the most common myths that men think are true. 1. Women Can Only Reach Orgasm Through Vaginal Intercourse This is a myth that has caused many men and women over the years to take the sexual needs of a woman for granted. This myth was … [Read more...]

7 Anal Sex Sins You Do All The Time!


Anal sex can be a great way to spice up your sex life. For generations, anal sex has been considered a no-go by women out there. But although this “national epidemic” is widely reported, the reason that the situation is such escapes most men.The fact is that women, as much as men, are telling … [Read more...]

How To EASILY Give Her An Earth Shattering Orgasm During Intercourse


A female orgasm is completely dependent on a solid understanding of your partner's body, climactic response, and what makes her feel good both physically and emotionally. You feel confident about your knowledge and skills, what to look for when you're in the heat of the moment, and can tell when … [Read more...]

How Touching Can Affect Her Orgasm – Learn This For Better Sex NOW!


A female orgasm is not just about how deep your strokes are or big your penis is. The human hand is an intricate masterpiece capable of great works of art or science; yet if asked to name your most “handy tool” in the bedroom, your fingers might be the last thing on your mind! Intimately linked with … [Read more...]