Fisting For Beginners


Fisting is an intense, overwhelming, and challenging experience for any couple, and is definitely not for everyone. Putting the entire hand inside the vaginal cavity is possible; the vagina is made to stretch to fit a crowning baby. The size of your hands and the elasticity of your wife’s vagina, … [Read more...]

3 Standing Sex Positions That Will Make Her Weak In The Knees


With most standing sex positions, at least one of you will require a fair amount of strength and/or stamina to execute it properly. Most that I came across were either ridiculously difficult or they didn't provide enough stimulation for the female partner to conceivably orgasm.That's why there are … [Read more...]

4 Ways You’re Touching Her Wrong


Foreplay is something you never, ever want to skip before sex but what if you're doing it wrong? Could you be wasting your time when it comes to foreplay?Your partner can tell a lot by your touch, including exactly how you feel about touching her. Whether you’re nervous, unskilled, aggressive or … [Read more...]