Male Sex Toys – 5 Things That AREN’T For Her!


Male sex toys are becoming more and more popular as guys realize that they're not only for women. Men can have just as much fun during masturbation as a woman can! Here are some must have male sex toys! A Masturbation Sleeve Every guy needs one of these! Forget masturbating with your hand - these … [Read more...]

Anal Fingering – 6 Techniques To Introduce Your Partner To Anal Play


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Mutual Masturbation: How To Get Your Man To Try It


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Should You Have Sex Before Age 18?


Teen sex is common these days - you see it on television and in movies, you hear about teenage celebrities getting busy and kids at school are trying it too. But is it right for YOU? Should you do it, or should you wait? Legality Let's face it - it's not legal for people to have sex if they're under … [Read more...]