Save Your Marriage – Revive Romance and Passion with this Simple Trick


For the past 25 years I’ve had married couples come in to see me who have lost connection with each other and are contemplating divorce.  Some are very committed to the idea of marriage and are traumatized by the idea, but they feel so unhappy they don’t have a clue how to revitalize what was once a … [Read more...]

Married Life: My Wife Says I’m Not Emotionally Available?


For a woman to say that her husband is emotionally unavailable in a marriage is not at all uncommon - in fact, most women aren't sure if their husbands have any emotions at all! Fortunately, this is not a sign that he doesn't enjoy being married to you or wants to be someone else. What it is a sign … [Read more...]

Married Life: Dreaming About Cheating Vs. Actually Cheating


Our dreams don't always make sense, but if you're dreaming about cheating on your current partner, it can be downright scary. It can be even more frightening if you've never thought about cheating on them during your waking hours and would never betray your partner like that. So what exactly do … [Read more...]