Do You Even Know What You’re Fighting About?


If you've ever gotten into a fight with a partner over something seemingly silly, you might have been very confused about why it was such a big deal. And yet, it may have been one of the biggest blow ups of your relationship.The truth is that sometimes a fight is about much more than not picking … [Read more...]

Think Cheaters Are Always the Bad Guys? You May Be Wrong…


It’s all over the media, Maury Pauvich,  Joey Bosco’s “Cheater” series,  the front page of the New York Times with the story of Elliot Spitzer, and of course, Bill Clinton.  Now, in our culture, there is nothing worse than a cheater, is there?We hate them for being unfaithful to their wives, … [Read more...]

How To Move Beyond Childhood Abuse And Have Healthier Relationships As An Adult


Jim looked at Shannon with a cacophony of feelings; love, lust, appreciation and fear and wanted desperately to reach for her.Shannon could sense his looking at her, in spite of her back being turned to him as she washed the dishes.  Her spine tensed and she felt afraid and then angry.Jim felt … [Read more...]

When Swinger Sex Goes Horribly Wrong…


Threesomes and swinging are on most male fantasy lists, but what happens when it goes horribly wrong?Over the course of my three marriages I have been encouraged by husbands to engage in a variety of interesting (and some downright bizarre) possible sexual behaviors.  Of course, I tended to marry … [Read more...]