Are You Playing The Blame Game? Do Any Of These Situations Sound Familiar?


Randy was reaching for a doughnut when his wife glared at him.  Inside, Randy could feel a defiance surging inside. He reached for the second doughnut and felt smug and happy with himself.Janet struggled to maintain her composure when Jerry joked about her going to spend her morning with a bunch … [Read more...]

How Your Actions Outside The Bedroom Can Make or Break Your Sex Life


I have a little experience with bad sex. I’ve been married three times. This last one took. To tell you the truth my first two husbands would say my current husband was lying if he told them how often and how amazing our sex life is. Honestly, I have been one of those fortunate women who have … [Read more...]

What Are You Really Fighting About? It May Not Be What You Think…


Jeanie was so upset with her husband.He had always been difficult to feel physically connected to.He had always had a subtle pulling back when she would reach out to touch him, but it had gotten worse in the past few months.She brought him into therapy fearing that they were on the brink of a … [Read more...]