Weathering the Storm – How to Survive Stressful Times Together


Life doesn’t always go smoothly, have you noticed that?It’s easy to feel in love and happy with your partner during times of success and relative calm.  But times like that don’t come along all that often.My husband and I figure we have had one year that was relatively free of stress. … [Read more...]

How Therapy Can Actually Destroy Your Marriage


Generally speaking we choose to go into therapy when we can’t figure out how to make our lives work by ourselves. Maybe we’ve been aware of underlying sadness that doesn’t seem to go away no matter what we do. Or perhaps we have started having panic attacks for no noticeable reason that we cannot … [Read more...]

Want More Sex? Here’s how…


Regardless of what you may think. Sex happens in the brain.  Our ability to feel desire, the things that turn us on, the things that make us reach climax all happen in the brain. So, if you want more sex, it’s reasonable to assume you should know more about the brain. I’ll give you the primer … [Read more...]

Who Are You And What Have You Done With My Partner?


When I got married I was such a happy person. My husband was gentle, kind, giving, and such a great dad.  It came as a complete shock to me the first time he got angry with me.You see, I am an anger phobic from way back.  I will never forget cringing as my grandmother screamed at my mentally … [Read more...]