Flirt Like An Alpha Male And Attract Women TODAY!


Flirting and communicating with women, requires you first understand the fundamentals of attraction. Without this knowledge, the flirting formula and techniques you are about to learn won’t have any significant meaning to you. So spend some time now understanding these very core concepts to use … [Read more...]

Can You Go The Distance? Last Longer TONIGHT!


Sex tips can help with everything from technique to gauging her reaction on different touches. But none of this matters if you can't go the distance. Notice how women hurl and laugh the hardest at premature ejaculation gags? You’ll be laughing with familiarity too if you deal with it on a nightly … [Read more...]

How To Have Better Sex RIGHT NOW!


Better sex comes with consistency. A lot of guys have a real tendency to swing from one extreme to another, thinking that the farther left or right of the continuum they go, the better sex becomes. When a girl asks you to go slow do you not only quit the breakneck speed, but swing to the opposite … [Read more...]

Keep Your Relationship New And Exciting By Expanding Her Sexual Repertoire


Relationship advice can help keep you from falling into boredom. Make your relationship stay fresh by always introducing new elements into your sex life. Your partner has her sexual repertoire – her own skill set and techniques. And women stand on different grounds, based on their erotic offerings. … [Read more...]

Clitoris 101 – What It Is, Why You Need To Touch It & How To Do It!


The clitoris. This is the GRAND MOMMY of them all, the main moan zone. If you want to score, and score big, this is where you go.Women have penises too, we call theirs the clitoris. It’s a small bump or button a few inches above the vaginal opening. And if you examine it very closely, you’ll see … [Read more...]