What Causes Irrational Fear Of Sex?


Sex is everywhere. Sex sells, right? You see sex on television, in movies and you hear it in music. It's on billboards, in newspaper ads and all over the Internet. So logically, as a society, we don't seem very afraid of sex, do we? Surprisingly enough, many people still have a deep seated, … [Read more...]

Sick Or Sexy – When He’s Daddy In The Bedroom


Everyone has their own kinks and fantasies that they like to play out in the bedroom. Whether it's simple, missionary on top sex, or really kinky BDSM, everyone has something they like and enjoy doing when it comes to their own sexual satisfaction. Many people enjoy talking dirty, or roleplaying in … [Read more...]

What Is The Best Age To Start Having Sex?


Teenagers (and some adults) are have been asking for quite some time, "What is the right age to start having sex?" Teens are asking because they want to know when they get the green card to let their hormones take control, and adults are asking because they want to know when they should give their … [Read more...]

Teens And Porn – What Are The Hidden Dangers?


Almost all teens watch porn, no matter how hard you try to hide it from them. A simple Google search for "boobs" can pull up a multitude of things, and the Internet makes it incredibly easy to access all kinds of porn. Teens spend more time on the Internet than just about anybody, so naturally … [Read more...]