Is It Wrong To Be Bisexual? Should I Explore My Sexuality?


Many people experiment sexually when they're young. How many "college stories" have you heard where a girl got a little more than friendly with her roommate? Being young is all about experimentation and finding out what you like, whether it's something to do with sex, a job, music, art or even food. … [Read more...]

He Feels A Threesome Will Solve Our Sex Issues – I Disagree


Threesomes have long been touted as the "coveted" sexual thing that all men want but can rarely have. If your partner has brought up having a threesome in your relationship, you're likely not surprised - unless a "threesome" is your partner's idea of revving up your sex life. While this can help two … [Read more...]

Break Up Confusion – Does She Really Want To Break Up With Me?


Mixed messages that people can give each other are frustrating and can really hurt a relationship. Your partner may be telling you they don’t deserve you, while still having a relationship with you, or may be sending you mixed signals in some other way. How do you read passed the mixed messages to … [Read more...]