Should I Tell My Parents I’m Gay?


Discovering that you're gay and learning to accept who you are is difficult. It's not an easy road to take.However, once you've accepted yourself, there comes a time that you want your friends and family to accept you as well. Should you tell your parents that you're gay?Unfortunately, it's not … [Read more...]

MMF Threesome Dilemma… Why Can’t My Threesome Have One Woman and Two Men?


It's widely known in society that a man enjoys watching two or more women have sex with each other. A huge fantasy among men is to have a threesome with their partner - two women with him right smack in the middle of them.Less mentioned, however, is the threesome where there is one woman and two … [Read more...]

Does Masturbation Really Cause Blindness?


There are a great number of taboos on masturbation and there have been since almost the beginning of time. You might have heard that masturbation causes blindness or that masturbation makes your palms hairy.While you might already know that these are old wives tales, it still might leave you with … [Read more...]