The Beautiful Kind’s Ultimate BDSM, Fetish, & Kink Checklist


It’s a Pervert Party, and you’re invited!Copy this list into a word processing program so you can edit it, or print it out.For each question assign a number based on this scale:5 = This is something I REALLY like. Bring it on, baby! 4 = This is fun! Let’s go for it. 3= I'm not sure, kinda … [Read more...]

Ooh, It Hurts So Good: Sadism & Masochism – The Pleasure of Pain…


The first time I ever had sex was on the hardwood floor of a friend’s house. He was older, on top, and yep, it hurt. But I was amazed at how receptive I was to that discomfort, how I welcomed it and accepted it as part of the complete sex package. Years later, I still feel that mingling of … [Read more...]

What Everyone Ought to Know About BDSM


That’s right, acronyms aren't just for the office anymore – it can be a regular alphabet soup in the bedroom, too.I’m talking about BDSM - the ultimate antidote to vanilla sex.Sure sex feels good on its own, but have you ever thought about taking it up a notch, pushing your boundaries? Do you … [Read more...]