So How Do Americans Really View Love And Relationships?


Here are the results of a fascinating survey out today from Zogby and AOL Personals on Americans’ attitudes toward love, sex and relationships, and how those attitudes differ across generations.

One of the key findings? – A high percentage (44%) in all generations, including 50% of adults in their 20s – don’t believe that they need to be married to validate the commitment of a long-term relationship.

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Just in time for election season, the survey also found that those in their 20s are significantly more likely to date someone with opposing political beliefs – more than 60% in the age group willing to do so, versus 48% of those in other age groups.

Other interesting survey findings of note:

  • Trust is important to younger Americans – who are more likely to want the truth from their partner, even if it hurts – more than 85% of respondents in their 20s said they always want the truth, compared to 79% of those in their 50s and 60s. 
  • However, half of adults younger than age 40 would snoop through their partner’s things to find out if he or she is hiding something, compared to just 25% of those in their 60s.
  • Love is blind – particularly when you’re younger. Those in their 20s are less likely to be concerned with differences in income, with 88% saying they would date someone who makes significantly less money. Adults in their 20s are less likely to be concerned about differences between themselves and their partners, with respondents in the age group more likely than others to date someone who comes from a different racial (86%) or religious (73%) background than those in older generations.
  • When asked it they would cheat on a partner if they knew he or she would never find out, just 9% of Americans said they would be unfaithful, with those age 30 to 39 most likely to say they would stray (11%), compared to those age 20 to 30 who would be least likely to do so (7%).

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