Pfizer Does Tequila… (awesome video clip)


You’ve got to see this video… 🙂

This is what happens when the folks at Pfizer get their hands on a Tequila company.

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On a more serious note, it’s REALLY scary when you realize this is exacly what they’re doing with the fancy meds on the market these days.

Anyone remember the purple pill? Anyone remember what the heck that pill does? Nope, just the soothing background music and happy peaceful people, and a strong encouragement to “ask your doctor about the purple pill“.

Most of the medications that are promoted by the big drug companies have serious side effects.  Most of them not worth the small, temporary benefits that you receive.

We highly recommend that you try a natural or homeopathic remedy before getting that prescription filled.

Have an absolutely awesome day!
Dan & Jennifer

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