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It’s that special time again when we feature one of our favorite blogs. Today the spotlight is on our friend Jeff Kee.

In fact, we just had the pleasant surprise of receiving an excellent review of AskDanAndJennifer.com from our friend Jeff: Blog Of The Week – AskDanAndJennifer.com.

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Take a moment to go read it – Jeff truly gets the essence of what AskDanAndJennifer is about.

So who is the mysterious Jeff Kee?

Of course no one can truly do justice to Jeff better than Jeff himself. In his own words – Who is Jeff Kee? 

When a post starts off with "Time to get personal", you’d better be ready for what’s coming.

We do have to warn you that Jeff lives in Canada, but we won’t hold that against him. 🙂

Seriously, one of the wonderful things about the world of blogging is that you make friends and interact daily with people all over the world. Truly, nobody cares where you are, how old you are, what color you are, etc. It just doesn’t mater.

Jeff is a regular contributor on AskDanAndJennifer.com, and we truly enjoy his straight to the point and no holds barred style. He says it like it is. And that theme continues on JeffKee.com.

Jeff’s blog is an eclectic blend of tech, politics, PR, and other topics that strike Jeff’s fancy. Regardless of the topic, it’s always an engaging read.

Check out Jeff’s controversial and powerful take on the power of blogging… and how it’s changing the world: The Internet, Blogs, Community sites, and the Ultimate Democracy.

And of course there’s the occasional jaunt in the world of hard ball power politics… Proving the real power of blogging once again, Jeff unwittingly forced a major corporation to refund his money. Check out A very nice gesture from Telus Mobility.

Here are some our favorite posts – go check them out:

I have to admit, our all time favorite article on Jeff’s blog is:

Blog Of The Week – AskDanAndJennifer.com. But we’re biased. 🙂 

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