Pro Blogger Challenge: Review and We’ll Review Your Blog


Here’s the scoop for you pro bloggers who are up to The Challenge:

Review AskDanAndJennifer and We’ll Review Your blog in return – Just to One-Up John Chow! 

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We’re following the example of everyone’s favorite dot-com mogul and rising Internet celebrity John Chow

— and Cranking it Up a Notch!

John asked bloggers to review his blog and then he links to these reviews several at a time in a regular blog post. If you haven’t seen John’s blog yet, go check it out now. It’s a great resource for making money online (and offline for that matter), blogging, and lots of other cool stuff.

Are You Ready?

It’s that simple! No fine print really, though we do get to decide what reviews we’ll link to and accept for this challenge ;-).

The review has to be pretty decent and well thought out. Heck, just to be fair and open, even negative reviews will not be turned down as long as the focus is clearly on constructive criticism, not emotion. Of course we’ll be looking for those happy ones first.

So what does a good review look like? 

Here are some examples of the kind of reviews we’re looking for…

So, let’s get to our first winner!

Just write the review and post it to your blog. Then leave a comment here or send us an email so we can see the review.

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