The Balanced Life Center Interview with Dan and Jennifer


"Relationship Trouble? Just Ask Dan and Jennifer.

You can just see the gushy-ness oozing from Dan and Jennifer in their pictures, but it’s rather interesting to hear it in their voices.

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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It’s refreshing really.

The love is so pervasive, it makes you fall in love with them."

Nneka Kelly, Balanced Life Center

Awwww. OK, Nneka is officially cool. 🙂

So, what the heck is that about?

Well, recently we were interviewed by Nneka Kelly from Balanced Life Center. Nneka is also part of the Positive Blog Network which we recently joined.

Be sure to read the full interview to get the low-down, the skinny, the straight dope, on what we’re really about. You’ll discover the answers to the questions that everyone is asking about Dan and Jennifer.

  • How we came up with the concept for…
  • Why did we choose to make our website a blog?
  • Are the questions on AskDanAndJennifer real?
  • Who are our relationship role models?
  • What’s the most important component of a relationship?
  • Why we talk about everything, especially sex…
  • Which spiritual principles we hold dear and how we put them into practice in our daily life.
  • So what you can expect to see from the two of us in the future?

The Balanced Life Center is about putting spiritual principles into practice. It’s about taking all of those great ideas about loving your fellow man, experiencing God, finding your Divinity, and the lot, out of the books and putting them into practice in your everyday life.

In Nneka’s own words,

"I’m passionate about expressing Spirit in my life and helping you do the same. For me, right now, that means writing about spirituality and how to apply it to life on Balanced Life Center. For you it may mean composing a symphony, being a conscious entrepreneur, a magnetic salesperson, or a patient, loving stay-at-home mom."

Here are some of Nneka’s must read articles:

"The Little Black Book of Sex Positions"

by Dan & Jennifer
(Now Available on Amazon!)

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