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"Think You Understand Female Orgasms?"

Take The Orgasm Quiz And Find Out The Top 25 Female Orgasm Tips That You Can Use Tonight To Make Her Scream For More.

"Great Videos and tips. I took the quiz on your awesome website and I was very happy with the results (just missed 1 point to be exact). Definitely a must take quiz. Thanks!" -- Alex


This quiz tests your knowledge of a very special kind of sexual expertise… The Female Orgasm.

Wondering how important that really is? Consider this: many women have never experienced an orgasm, and very few know that they can have orgasm after orgasm in the same sex session. I’m sure you’ll agree this is something all men (and women) should know, but very few actually do.

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After you take the quiz, we’ll tell you how you measure up, what you got right, and what you missed. More importantly, You’ll find out how to get really good at pleasing her!


  • Myth or Fact: “Women don’t masturbate”
  • Myth or Fact: “When a woman says “no”, she really means maybe; she’s just not warmed up enough”
  • Myth or Fact: “Penetration is required for a woman to achieve orgasm”
  • Myth or Fact: “Lots of foreplay will improve her changes of having an orgasm”
  • Myth or Fact: “All women like it hard and fast”
  • Myth or Fact: “Women need to reach orgasm to enjoy sex”
  • Myth or Fact: “Vaginal orgasms are better than clitoral orgasms”
  • Myth or Fact: “If a woman cannot have a vaginal orgasm, then something’s wrong with her”
  • Myth or Fact: “All women can squirt”
  • Myth or Fact: “All women want a G-Spot Orgasm”
  • Myth or Fact: “It’s more difficult for women to reach orgasm than it is for men”
Which advice is good, and which is useless? Take the quiz on this page, and find out how female orgasm really works.