My Friends Want Me To Break Up With Him!


My friends are pressuring me to break up with my boyfriend, even though we have a good relationship. What's going on with them? I feel offended by their unwarranted opinions. What She Said True friends support you and have your best interests at heart. And it sounds like these ‘friends’ are doing … [Read more...]

Divorce Advice: My Friend Can’t Get Over Her Ex Husband!


A friend of mine got a divorce from her husband years ago, but she still pines for him like it was yesterday. I want to be there for my friend, but my patience is wearing thin. It's been ages - why can't she move on? What She Said These things take time and there’s no accounting for someone else’s … [Read more...]

Break Ups: When Is The Right Time To End A Relationship?


Break ups are tough for both people involved, so it's easy to want to prolong the end of a relationship as long as possible. Sometimes relationships can resemble roller coasters—they’re up one minute and down the next. Even the most well adjusted couple you know has had or will have a rough patch at … [Read more...]