Q&A: How Do I Move On From My Recent Break Up?


Breaking up with someone you’ve been with for a long time is devestating, and the idea that you’re going to eventually get over them seems near impossible. But it is possible to get over them, if you give yourself enough time. Here’s how you can move on after a breakup and begin having a satisfying, happy and fulfilling life again.

Question: Me and my girlfriend just broke up about 3 weeks ago. We’ve been going out for about 2 years. But even after 3 weeks I still miss her and I am still having trouble. I go out with friends a lot and I socialize as much as possible! But I still can’t get her out of my head and get out of my depressions that come and go. I just feel like something’s missing. What is some advice in helping me to get over her and move on?

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Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

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Many people expect themselves to get over a breakup within just a few weeks, but they find that they’re still stuck in a breakup rut after that and can’t get out of it. They get angry or upset with themselves, or wonder if there’s something wrong with them because they haven’t moved on yet. Don’t worry! It takes time to get over someone you were with for a long time and move on from the break up. Make sure you are giving yourself enough time to truly move on. You’ll notice that over the course of the next several weeks and even the next few months that you start to feel better and are beginning to focus more on things that make you happy and fulfilled. Don’t short yourself on the time you need to really get over y0ur ex.

Consider Counseling

Going to counseling after a break up doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or that you have a mental disease. It simply means you want to talk to someone openly about what you’re going through with someone who has the experience to teach you the tools you need to have to move on with your life. Consider going to counseling for a short period of time if you’re having some trouble getting back into the groove of things after your break up, or simply just want to talk to someone. Often, talking to your friends or family about the break up is counterproductive. You may feel better for getting it off your chest, but they’re not going to give you any information in return that will help you continue to move on.

Start Dating Again When You’re Really Ready

While the saying “there’s plenty fish in the sea” is cliche, it’s absolutely true. Remember that the person you broke up with isn’t the only person on Earth that you can have a good, fulfilling relationship with. There are lots of people out there that you can have fun with, and others that you can share a deeper connection with. Start dating again after the break up when you’re ready, but only when you’re really ready. Again, don’t short yourself on the time you need to heal but don’t give up on dating just because it didn’t work out this time. You can have a satisfying relationship with someone else, or just a fun friendship if you want. Get back in the swing of things when you’ve had enough time time to move on from the break up.

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