Q&A: Staying Friends After A Break Up – Is It Possible?


Breaking up sucks, no matter how you try to think of it. If you and your partner were together for a long time, you may still really care about them and don’t want to see them leave your life, even though things aren’t working out with you romantically. Is it possible to stay friends after a break up, or is this the end?

Question: My girlfriend and I just broke up. She stills wants to be friends. I still love her so I am asking if I should try to win her heart again or try to be just friends?

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If you want to win your ex back, be honest with yourself. Don’t try to be just friends with your ex if that’s not what you really want to do. You can’t hide under the ruse of being friends with your ex if you really want to be together again. First, be honest with yourself and admit to yourself that you don’t want to be just friends and that you want your relationship back. Then be honest with your ex too. Let them know you want something more, and you want to give it your all. Don’t half-ass this one. This is one thing you need to do with all your heart and soul. If you want your ex back, go get them back. Do what you need to do to make it happen.

Taking A Break

Your ex may not want to go another round in the relationship ring and if that’s the case, back off a little. Take a break from the emotional upheavel that you and your ex just experienced from the break up and relax a little. Let the air clear and let your emotions settle. If you or your ex are particularly upset or emotional about the break up, trying to be friends without giving yourself adequate time to heal can be a disaster. After you and your ex have had enough time apart to approach each other with a possible friendship, try to be just their friend. Nothing more, nothing less. See where it goes.

Letting Go

Unfortunately, not everything works out the way we want it to. If you want to win your ex back, they may want no part of it. They may not even want to be friends, or it may be vice versa. You may want to move on and your ex may still want to be in a relationship with you. Sometimes, it’s just not meant to work and it won’t, no matter how hard you or your ex try. If you feel like this might be the case, it’s time to let go. Let go of your ex, or move on from them. If you can’t make a relationship work and you can’t be friends with your ex, it’s just simply time to let go, move on and prepare yourself for better things. Letting your ex go so both of you can be happy is hard, but it’s the only way you can have a satisfying relationship in the future if you and your ex can’t work things out.

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