How To Make Anniversaries Special Without Breaking The Bank


First of all, in honor of a dear friend who has celebrated every single month’s anniversary of his now eleven-month-old relationship that is still going strong; let’s preface this article by saying an anniversary between couples can happen any time, any where, and for any reason. You also don’t have to be married to make the most of the following information!

Using Your Imagination

One thing you do need is to be in agreement that you both want to use your imaginations to create meaningful celebrations that cost less. One or more of these (especially the last one) may fly as special anniversary recognition without drawing attention to how little it costs. But speaking it out loud that you are committed to the celebration and that the low cost frees you both up to enjoy it fully, means he or she will not interpret the low cost as being a reflection of the value of your feelings.

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Of course, picnics are always a possibility for a low cost date that can result in special enough memories that you save it for special occasions, like anniversaries. With a little imagination, a picnic can happen indoors when it’s cold outside. The main ingredients are favorite foods, beverages, a blanket for the ground or floor, candles if it’s dark, and enthusiasm.

Speaking of indoor picnics, renting a movie and making a movie night special with popcorn, lights turned low, phones off, no social media or texting, and no flipping through catalogues while being together and watching the film works as a special way to celebrate an anniversary.

A romantic, spontaneous celebration can be dancing in the middle of the kitchen or any other room in the house.

Making Love Can Play An Important Part In Creating Lasting Memories

There are ways to celebrate the anniversary that are directly tied to making love. I once heard the advice that the best money spent on a marriage was that spent on lingerie and pajamas! Buying special things to wear that will titillate and inspire can be generous expressions of love. Note that the suggestion is you buy it for yourself! Rather than purchase it as a gift for your partner, as if to suggest what you want from him or her; you buy it for yourself to wear as a suggestion of what you want to give to him or her.

Now, sex toys are probably best given from women to men. Because of the expectation attached to sex toys and because the sight of one isn’t necessarily going to turn a woman on; if she is the one giving the toy, then she is communicating her interest and desire at a time when she is desirous. This can be very good news for his level of interest in celebrating anniversaries!

One time, out of the blue, my husband gave me the gift of “being my slave” for the day. It was great! I made use of it in ways he never would have expected. For instance, we were out of town at the time, getting ready to come back home. He is always ready to pack up the car before I finish packing everything. It drives me crazy! I prefer we not take a single item to the car until it is all packed just the way I like it. So, my first order as his “master” was that he wait until I had finished packing to begin loading the car. I was so relaxed and happy once we got on the road! It was delightful.

Some Great Ideas…

Astronomical dates can be a cozy and entertaining way to celebrate an anniversary when something special in the sky coincides with your special day. Cuddling under a blanket in the back of the truck watching stars fall is simply romantic. The fact that you took the time to notice the correlation of night time sky stuff happening and your special day makes you a very thoughtful person.

In some cultures, lunar and solar eclipses are considered bad luck, meaning you do not want to be outside during eclipses. Depending on your partner, this may require some conversation so that you are in sync on making astronomical phenomenon part of a special day.

This last one is my favorite and the reason I wrote this article. It is called the Year in Love Review Letter. I believe that it could also be used within a year’s time. Like, for my friend that I mentioned above, it could be the Eleven Months in Love Review Letter! Basically, the letter recalls all the loving, funny, happy, mysterious, things that you remember happening between you in the previous year (or months).

You can design this letter to fit your personality. It could be a simple list of things that create endearing conversation as your lover reads it and you both respond to the things on the list. If you like to write, you can spell it all out like journal entries. If you want to be really creative, you can set it up like a novel; or, turn it into a scrap book with physical remembrances (like movie stubs) attached. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. The magic of it is how it is totally devoted to celebrating your love!

The Year in Love Review Letter could be one that returns every year, even when your finances are abundant and there are no limits on the expenses you go to in order to express your love and appreciation of one another.

Anniversaries are times for fanning the flames of love! There are many ways of creatively bringing meaning to those special days that will not break the bank! The more creative you are, the more meaning you will create for yourself. So, enjoy!

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