How To Make Sex In Your Marriage More Exciting


Contrary to popular belief, married sex (or long term relationship sex) can be even better than wild, crazy sex with someone you’ve just met or don’t know very well. Married sex doesn’t have to be boring or blase. The trick is, you have to make a conscious effort to make your sex life in your marriage better. Here’s how you can do it!


Bring Variety Into The Bedroom

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Doing the same old thing in the bedroom time after time is an excellent way to land yourself right in a married sex rut. If you want to have a great sex life when you’re married or in a long term relationship, it’s important to bring new ideas in the bedroom. Try new sex positions that you’ve never tried before, or bring sex toys in the bedroom for you and your partner to play with. It’s a common misconception that sex toys are geared for women only. While many sex toys are for women, there are also a number of toys for couples to use together and sex toys for boys!

Make Love Sometimes And Screw Sometimes!

Sex doesn’t always have to be romantic and lovey-dovey. While it’s great to “make love” and share that deep, emotional connection with your partner, it’s also great to “screw” your partner and let your animalistic side take over! Take the lead one night and completely ravage your partner. Act like you’re just going to die if you don’t have your way with them RIGHT NOW, and as you’re having sex, exaggerate your reactions a little bit. Be of the mindset that your partner is the only thing you want at this point in time and absolutely nothing else matters. They are a cold drink on a blazing hot day or a meal when you’ve gone hungry for days! In turn, let your partner do the same to you on another night and let yourself be completely taken over by them when they’re in the lead. You can also take turns being the dominant partner one night. Do it on the couch, in the kitchen or in the car. When you want your partner or they want you, do it right then and there!

Be Adventurous

While it can be easy to let yourself go and have wild and crazy sex with someone you’re not completely comfortable with, it’s even easier to do this with someone you’ve built that trust with. When you’re 100% comfortable with someone and trust them to accept you no matter what, you can really let your wild side take over. Try some taboo things, such as anal sex or prostate massage, or even BDSM and roleplaying. If there’s something out there that really turns you on sexually but you’re not sure if you can bring yourself to do it, doing it with your significant other can actually be really fun and exciting. You don’t have to be afraid that they’re going to reject you if you get a little too freaky, because you know they choose to be with you every day because they love and care about you. So let yourself go and consider doing some things with them that you wouldn’t normally consider doing!

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