Q&A: Should I Get Married If His or Her Family Does Not Approve?


It happens more often than we like – your parents don’t approve of him or his parents don’t like you. The relationship is great and you want to get married and commit to each other, but how do you handle the parental situation? Should you wait to get married or even dump your significant other because of what your parents or his parents think?

Question: I am engaged to be married. I love this guy more than anything, we are 21 and have been together for almost 5 years. However, his parents do not want him to marry me. We are of different social classes and they think I “control” his life. The reason they think this is because their son has grown up and wants to make his own decisions and they don’t like it. His family treats me fine but it’s what they say when I leave that is the problem. By the way, I have never been fond of his parents.

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Your life is not about making decisions based on what other people think. If you are happy with your fiance and you have a good relationship, focus your energy on that rather than what his parents think about you. If you dump him because his parents don’t want him to be with you, you could be throwing away a great relationship that has the potential to enrich your life for years to come. You deserve to be in a happy and healthy relationship and if you already have one, don’t give it up just because someone else thinks he shouldn’t be with you. Make the decisions that better your life and deal with the rest later.

Are You Really Ready For Marriage?

It is possible to have a great long term relationship without ever getting married. So think about it. Are you really ready for marriage? Are you keen on marrying your fiance because his parents don’t want you to, so you can prove them wrong? If your motivations for marriage aren’t pure, or you aren’t completely ready to make the commitment of marriage, consider just having a great, monogamous long term relationship instead. You and your fiance can be happy together and have a healthy relationship without the marriage license if that’s what you want. Don’t tie the knot if it’s just in response to his parents’ dislike of you. You may come to regret it later.

How Will You Deal With His Family?

Before getting married, talk to your fiance about how you and he will deal with his family when the time comes. How will you arrange holidays? Will you accompany him on visits to the family? It may be fine for you to stay home before you have children, but once children come into play, it can be very difficult to have separate holidays. What does your partner think about it? Does he have any ideas on how he will handle the situation when you and he get married? These are things that you need to discuss with your partner before you tie the knot, so there are no surprises later on down the road.

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