5 Signs Your Man Is Cheating Or Just No Good


Signs that your man is cheating (or is just no good for you) are usually fairly easy to pick out. Most women can tell when there is something wrong with the relationship or when a guy is hiding something from them. If you have taken stock of your current relationship and realized that things just aren’t adding up, you might have a cheater on your hands. Guys have an uncanny ability to hide things from women, but with just a few things to look out for, you will easily be able to determine if you have a sneaky cheater or a great guy.

Here Are 5 Signs Your Man Is Cheating.

#1 He Cringes When You Reach For His Phone

This is probably one of the biggest cheating red flags out there. A guy’s phone is much like your phone: it’s his lifeline. If a guy is cringing or panicking every time that you try to use his phone, he’s probably ding something. If he’s cheating on you, the phone is the first place to look. One of the things that you will find about men is that they hate deleting texts, pictures and emails from other women. They tend to keep them as trophies. So when a guy is in a panic over you using his phone, he has something to hide. Confronting him about it doesn’t have to be a screaming match. Ask him why he has a problem with you using his phone. He might just turn it over for you to look through it. If he refuses, there is something wrong.

#2 He Panics When You Reach For His Computer

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Very similar to the phone, the computer is a very private thing that men use all the time. Whether he doesn’t want you to find his secret porno stash or he doesn’t want you to see the email that his ex sent, there is something wrong if he doesn’t want you to use his computer. Everybody gets a false sense of security with their computer.

It’s usually password protected, you can delete the history and you can close out email windows. But when a guy hasn’t covered his tracks, there’s going to be a problem with you using his computer. You will get a feeling of uneasiness when a guy is afraid you’ll find something. When you touch on this emotion, consider what he’s hiding and how bad it could possibly be.

#3 He Doesn’t Acknowledge The Relationship

We live in a digital age of social networking, smartphones and a bunch of other gadgets that can show off our relationships. If you have been in the relationship for a while and he hasn’t really acknowledged it outside of the two of you, it might be time to get worried. Facebook relationship statuses aren’t really a big deal until he refuses to change it for you. There are only two reasons that a guy will change his Facebook relationship status: he’s embarrassed by you or he’s cheating and doesn’t want other people –women, friends, family- to know about it. This is a big problem and you should reconsider the relationship if it persists.

#4 He Doesn’t Plan For The Future

There comes a time when you have to put up or shut up. Now, that doesn’t seem very romantic, but women want a guy that is going to plan for the future. A relationship is about sharing a life and you can’t do this when one piece of the relationship is only considering their own future. If your guy hasn’t mentioned anything about marriage, children, or even a summer vacation together, you might want to take a very hard look at what you’re in. Guys that don’t plan for the future do not see a future and you should prepare yourself for this inevitability.

#5 He Only Makes Time For You When It’s Convenient

This is another big one. There are guys out there that lead very busy lives. Whether he’s a lawyer, a doctor or even a student, if he’s only seeing you when it’s convenient for him, he’s definitely no good. One sided relationships never end well. If you think that you’re in a one sided relationship, ask yourself when the last time your guy rearranged his schedule to accommodate you. Now, he shouldn’t always be doing this. That would show desperation. However, he should make time for you when there is something important happening in your life or you need his help during an emergency. If he’s not dependable, you should go ahead and give him the boot.

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