Does He Have The Infidelity Gene?



Seventy-two-year-old Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi has made sex and scandal part of his political legacy He’s survived 17 criminal trials without conviction, and the most recent scandals allegedly involve some of the women in his administration. 

Does He Have the Infidelity Gene?

UK newspaper the Times Online says his opponents see him as a doddering septuagenarian addicted to mysterious injections; supporters paint him as a tireless Don Juan, capable of satisfying two or three women at once. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that the Italian PM may have that infidelity gene that researchers think they identified!

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Not to diminish the attempt of Berlusconi to include women as 30% of his administration, but they all tend to be former starlets who gained fame when he was a TV mogul.   Because of this, a number of people have given him the nickname, “un magnaccia,” a colorful term for pimp, because of the time he’s spent finding work for “showgirls” rather than solving government problems.

Thrill-Seeking Behavior

Berlusconi is clearly engaging in a thrill-seeking behavior common in people with high-stress, high-risk jobs, like politicians. Politicians have a higher instances of affairs because they’re under intense stress on a daily basis, and therefore are more prone toward a self-medicated high to temporarily cancel out the stressful emotions they feel.

Add to this that I believe that certain people ARE genetically predisposed to have a more difficult time being faithful. I call it the bio-chemical craving for connection. It usually stems from three things: stress, loss or separation and leads to thrill-seeking behavior to avoid that feeling of emptiness.

According to Berlusconi’s personal physician, Bersulsconi, “has a strong sexual personality, and they are highly attracted to him. But it quickly turned to legend, and he has been the object of a disgraceful violation of privacy that would never be permitted in the US.”

Sex has always played a role in Berlusconi’s image. But that doesn’t mean that he, or others who are similarly disposed, has to live in this shadow or have an unhealthy relationship with sexuality.

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