If Rich, Beautiful Women Get Cheated On, What Chance Do I Have?


Cheating happens all the time – guys are notorious for cheating, and a lot of women do it too. It’s often the butt of many jokes, and there’s a lot of guys who don’t think infidelity is serious business. With all the cheating going on in the press to girls who look like they’d never get cheated on, ever. If girls who have it all get cheated on, is there any stopping cheating from happening to the average woman? Are girls who get married doomed to be subjected to adultery, no matter how pretty, nice, kind, funny or awesome they are? Do some guys just need to get it on with a different girl every now and then to be satisfied sexually, or is there a way to prevent it from ever happening?

Why do men cheat on beautiful, famous women? Where’s the hope for the rest of us when even celebrities can’t have a faithful spouse? I’m getting married soon and all this high profile infidelity is making me nervous!

What She Said:

I understand your pre-wedding jitters, but odds are good your husband will not turn out to be a cheater.

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Why Do They Do It?

Why do men cheat? Because they can. Aside from that cynical joke, there’s obviously no formula to figure out what makes men stray. Some men cheat on famous women in order to restore balance in the power system. Perhaps the hubby of a celebrity feels emasculated because his wife makes more money than he does. Cheating can even the playing field in the dynamics of a marriage. Yes, it’s completely passive-aggressive – but that could explain the mindset at play.

Men are obviously loaded with testosterone – powerful men possibly more so. Not only is there a strong biological imperative to “spread the seed,” there’s also the fact that men who are with famous women are used to getting what they want, when they want it.

Regardless of who a man marries, I still believe there’s one big reason a guy would be unfaithful – if he’s not happy at home, he’s bound to look elsewhere. Everything else is superfluous and out of your control.

Enter With Full Trust

Give yourself (and your fiancé) the gift of going into your marriage full of trust, love, hope and an open heart. This should be the happiest time of your life; don’t spoil it by fretting over the end of others’ unions. Don’t cross the “he cheated on me” bridge until you come to it – if you come to it. Besides, if you’re marrying a man who’s your best friend in and out of the bedroom, you really won’t have a thing to worry about.

What He Said:

“Show me the most beautiful woman in the world and I will show you a guy who’s tired of fucking her.” — Chris Rock.

Can Men Really Be Monogamous?

It’s an exaggeration to some degree, but there’s also some degree of truth to it. Some men just need some “strange” from time to time. They say men aren’t wired to be monogamous, I’m not sure women are either. I don’t think it’s natural for us to only be with one person for life.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t doable or that it’s a bad thing. There are all different kinds of people out there and there are all different kinds of relationships. The fact that he has a penis doesn’t mean he will be screwing anything that moves.

There’s not much you can do to keep him faithful and more than he can do to keep you faithful. If you never give him a reason to stray, you’re off to an amazing start. And if that doesn’t work, just screw his brains out. Screw him stupid to the point where he is physically unable to be with anyone else. That’s the M.O. of several of my married female friends.

Weatherproof Your Marriage

You can’t go into this marriage with the idea that he’s going to cheat. That’s not going to get you anywhere you want to go. It is helpful to realize that this is a distinct possibility and plan accordingly. You don’t have car insurance because you want to get in an accident, you have it in case you do. That can mean you have a pre-nup or that simply you are aware it could happen and do everything you can do to weatherproof your marriage. That’s not being paranoid, that’s being positively proactive. You get what you put in.

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