Q&A: The Other Woman – Is It Love or Curiosity?


For women, dating men that have many friends of the opposite sex can be stressful. Finding out that your partner is starting to have romantic feelings for one of his female friends is nothing less than emotionally devestating. Can you chalk it up to being typical male sexual curiousity, or is there something more going on there?

Question: My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years. We never fight, have a great sex life & love each other very much. However, recently, he has been chatting with one of his female online friends more and more and he admitted that he might have feelings for her, but he really loves me and is feeling confused. I am the first woman he was with sexually, and I think that this might be curiosity manifesting itself. We’ve been talking about this very openly, but I find it increasingly difficult to cope with. Should I wait and see what happens with this, or should we take a break from the relationship and give each other space to figure out what we want?

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If your partner is beginning to have feelings for someone else, it’s not something he needs to deny or run away from. He needs to be honest with you and honest with himself so that he can start to explore those feelings. If your partner just denies his feelings to himself or to you, it will only serve to exaggerate his feelings and the situation. Once he really begins to examine those feelings, he may find that they fade away quickly.

What Is Missing In Your Relationship?

Often, men who start having feelings for someone else outside the relationship are only doing so because something they want or need is missing inside the relationship. It might be incredibly emotionally difficult to take this situation and use it to take a look at yourself and the relationship, but it’s something you need to do if you want to find out the root behind his feelings for this other person. Talk to your partner, and be open and honest with them. Ask that they do the same for you. Is there something that he feels is lacking in his relationship with you? Is he feeling connected to you emotionally, spiritually, mentally and sexually? If not, it could be why he’s looking in the other direction – she may have something to offer him that you don’t. Instead of getting angry about it, take the opportunity to start giving him what he needs.

Is It An Online Fantasy?

While online dating is an excellent way to meet people, it definitely lacks when it comes to building a relationship with someone over the Internet. It’s difficult to really get to know someone online, and our brains tend to fill in what we don’t know about this person with “plausible” ideas. Essentially, you end up thinking you know someone you’ve met online but in reality, you’re having a relationship with a fantasy person. If your partner starts getting to know someone online and starts having feelings for them, they may actually just be having feelings for a fantasy – because it’s more likely that who he thinks this person is isn’t who they really are.

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