Tramps vs. Prostitutes


I’ve been noticing a somewhat disturbing trend in the way some women interpret their sense of power. It has to do with what used to be considered shameful, and downright humiliating, but now is common practice: admitting, or even advertising, that you’re the other woman and you’re having an affair with a married man.

Now, I myself have dated a married guy. It was many years ago, when I was young and immature, and I tried to convince myself that the things he was telling me were true. I wanted to believe that he was no longer sleeping with his wife, and that he would eventually leave her for me. I wanted to believe he would make good on his promise to marry me instead.

Who Is The Victim Here?

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As you might imagine, there was a lot of anxiety and heartache that went along with this relationship, but what made it even more difficult to bear is that I felt I had to go through it alone. I was way too ashamed and frightened to share my indiscretions with anyone, and it sure as hell never occurred to me to call the newspapers and advertise what was going on. During all that time we struggled through our doomed relationship, I never would have dreamed of blowing the lid off everything. Something inside me knew that even though we were in love, and even though we told ourselves and each other that it would all work out eventually, we knew we had rung a bell we couldn’t un-ring, and that eventual disaster was the most likely scenario. And the greatest victim? His wife, of course. I often feel sad about the pain she had to go through because of what we did, and that was even without anyone else knowing about it.

All For The Money

So now, fast-forward twenty years… and where are we now as a culture? Well, announcing your infidelities is not only acceptable, it’s downright fashionable! Women are coming forward in droves to alert the media of things they should more appropriately feel humiliated and regretful about. “Hey everybody, check me out, I had sex with Tiger Woods!” What a wonderful example of what womankind is willing to sink to – thank you for taking us all down with you in your trampy media frenzy. And why on earth would a woman do this to herself, behave in such a vile, disgusting manner with no regard for the feelings or lives of others? One word: money. Money is the reason these women come forward and spill to the tabloids all the details of whom they slept with and when and where. Money is the reason we know about all the details of the celebrities’ private sex lives and affairs. It all comes down to these women seeing dollar signs and not being able to listen to the voice of integrity. And this is the new type of prostitution – getting paid to share your sexual indiscretions with anyone who will listen.

Is Low Self-Esteem The Culprit?

I’m curious to consider what would cause some women to take such a gigantic step backwards in our cultural evolution – why, after so many hard-won strides forward, a woman would sabotage herself by unraveling everything we have done for ourselves and worked so hard for? It’s impossible to say. I think, though, that we can start pinpointing the cause if we look at one particular area that seems to be lacking: self-esteem. If you have no personal integrity, no desire to go out and make an honest living rather than leeching off the misery of others, then the things you tell the news reporters say a lot more about you and your infidelity than they do about the people whose lives you are ruining.

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