3 Ways To Plan A Romantic Evening


You’re planning an evening of romance for your anniversary, or if you’re still dating, maybe you’re simply looking for a way to make your girl feel glad that she found the most romantic man in the world. How do you go about thinking of a romantic evening with your girl?

Plan The Logistics Of Your Date

Even if you cannot predict the weather, or what will go on exactly during your date (you might have had a dinner date but she wants to drag you to the nearest hotel right away), you can always create an outline of events for romance. At least come up with an idea on how it will begin and end, whose place you are crashing into if you both get carried away during the date, and those small details that could make or break your night.

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Schedule and logistics are particularly important if you’re reserving a table in a fancy restaurant, or if you’re going to be watching a movie. But don’t be too anal about the details, especially when your date has a habit of making you wait. Just adjust and adapt to the situation. For instance, if she’s running late, send her a message saying that maybe it’s better to order in so she wouldn’t have to rush home.

Feed Each Other Finger Food

An evening full of romance is not complete without sustenance. But dinner does not have to be a formal affair inside a restaurant with dozens of other people for there to be romance. You can have dinner at home, on the couch and without utensils. The trick is to order in or cook a finger food dish you can share with your partner. Make sure you cook the dish beforehand so that it’s ready when she arrives, or when you meet up (if you’re going for an evening time stroll).

If cooking is not your strong point, you can simply get chips that won’t get your hands too dirty, like the cheese-flavored ones. Although offering chips with your hands is romantic, wiping your fingers on wads of table napkins to get rid of the cheese is not.

Prepare For Sex

Even if you just started dating, it doesn’t hurt to hope for a little nookie after offering up the romance. This means your bedroom must be ready to accommodate you and your girl if things heat up during your date. If your date was a success, you can expect your date to be feeling more than a bit giddy with excitement and sexual tension on your way home.

Clean sheets, dirty laundry in their proper place and your room smelling great – all these things will do wonders for the sex you’re going to have that night. Stash a few condoms near the bed just in case you remove your pants before you get the condoms out of your pocket.

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