4 Ways To Have A Romantic Anniversary


Romance is an important factor in your wedding anniversary. It is a celebration not only of your many years as a couple but it is also a celebration of your future years ahead. Each anniversary should be filled with love, sentimentality and excitement. After all, you want your next year together to be as successful as the last.

Plan A Trip Together

Going on a trip together is one of the best ways to act like a couple in an unfamiliar setting. Imagine visiting places together and finding more things to talk about. Some couples have the best sex in a long time in a hotel suite somewhere far from their home. The environment is new, and so is the ambiance for your love making.

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Do something romantic in every city you visit, such as riding a traditional carriage, a boat or a jet ski. If the place you are visiting specializes in an extreme sport (rappelling and bungee), go for it. The exertion and the novelty of the activity will boost your excitement. Anything that is new to you is special, especially if you are sharing it with the one you love.

Naughty Coupons

Print out five naughty coupons that are good only for your anniversary weekend. You can print anything there, including ‘one-hour backrub’, ‘your favorite sex positions for 30 minutes’ and ‘full monty striptease.’ Ask your girl to choose three of the five romance coupons that she will use during that time.

That you’re just letting her use three of the coupons is no accident. There’s a reason for this. You want her to weigh the pros and cons of the activities on those coupons. You want her to imagine which activities would excite her most. Chances are, she will end up fantasizing about all those activities and feeling more excited about your weekend together than you.

Honeymoon Night Revisited

Think you’d only use your wedding finery once? Think again! Make it a habit to re-live your wedding night every year. Wearing your wedding lingerie in your bedroom during your anniversary can be your little secret. No one needs to know why you need to have your wedding stuff dry-cleaned every year.

This would help you remember the silly and romantic moments of your wedding day, and all the bloopers that happened during the wedding night. If you can remember the way you made love that night, great! You can do it that way all over again.

Prepare Midnight Snack In Bed

Instead of preparing dinner, dine out. On your way home, you should stop by a diner and get something you can eat in bed together. Better yet, prepare a ‘sex salad’ that you can use to sustain you if you plan to make love all night long. This is full of romance and incredibly sexy, especially if you both watched Halle Berry’s scene in that James Bond movie (she fed the playboy secret agent fruit after sex).

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