Romantic Date Ideas For Shy Guys


Romantic date ideas are essential for every guy. This includes shy guys. Shy guys can do really well with women because they don’t come off as aggressive, cocky or arrogant. The problem with being shy is hiding emotions. Romantic date ideas are great for women, but shy guys might have problems getting through romantic dates. If you are a shy guy that would like to take a girl out for a romantic date, don’t fret! Here are some romantic date ideas for shy guys.

Jazz Concerts

One of the best romantic date ideas for a shy guy is to take a girl to a jazz concert. Jazz concerts might not be your thing, but the slow beat of the drums and the improvisation is very romantic. As a shy guy, you might not want to be the center of attention. A jazz concert is perfect because it’s usually in a bar or small nightclub. You can sit at a table with your girlfriend in the back of the venue and have a conversation or just listen to the music. Either way, the setting will do most of the work for you. Put your hand on her leg and keep the conversation low so she has to come close to you when she talks.

Art Festivals

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Romantic date ideas don’t have to involve traditional dinners and expensive wine. You can take your girl out for a romantic date at an art festival. The best thing about art festivals is that they are usually free. Local art shows also offer a variety of things to browse. Hold your girlfriend by the hand as you go from booth to booth. If you find something that you think she might like, buy it for her. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose painting or anything, but a small piece of jewelry can be very romantic.

The Movies

The movie theater can be a great romantic date idea for you and your girl if you’re a shy guy. The movie theater is dark and allows you get close with her. Put your arm around her or hold her hand to keep the scene romantic. Choose a movie that she really wants to see. Even if this is a terrible romantic comedy you will get points for going with her. Women find romance in a man that does things for them that he really doesn’t want to do. Going to a movie with her is a romantic date idea she will love.

Family Events

Women love a guy who takes her to his family events. If you have a parent’s birthday coming up or an anniversary party, take your girlfriend with you. Bringing your girlfriend with you to a family event is a great romantic date idea because she will start to see herself as part of your family. When she sees herself as part of your family she will feel that there is a future between the two of you. Family events are also good because they can bring you out of your shell a little bit. Who knows you better than your family? Take your girlfriend to your next family event for a romantic evening.

Double Dates

Double dates can be very romantic for shy guys. Get together with a friend who is dating somebody and plan an evening out together. When you are around a friend that has known you for a long time you can be comfortable. Feeling comfortable can make all of the shyness disappear. Get dressed up and make a night out of it to add to the romance. Keep engaged with your girlfriend as well as the other people at the table and put your hand on her thigh throughout the evening to keep her feeling special.

The Ballet

I know. It’s definitely not something that you will want to do, but she will love it. The fact that you’re doing something that she wants make the ballet one of the best romantic date ideas out there. The ballet can be very boring and tedious, but your girlfriend will love watching the grace on stage. Hold her hand throughout the evening and she will definitely feel the romance. If you get really bored, just think about what she will give you afterward.

Being a shy guy doesn’t mean that you can’t take your girlfriend out on a romantic date. There are romantic date ideas for shy guys and you should follow these suggestions to give your girlfriend the romance that she wants. Relationships are about give and take. This is your chance to give.

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