If You Think The Law Of Attraction Won’t Work For You, You’re Probably Right! Here’s Why…


By now you have probably heard the phrase “Law of Attraction”, it’s been quite the buzz word in pop culture for the past few years.  The Law of Attraction is the concept that we attract into our lives what we think about.

There are some who doubt the Law of Attraction but there aren’t too many people you could find that would deny the fact that in order to accomplish anything in life it does take some thought. The thought comes first.  The achievement comes after.

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Whether you want to use the phrase “Law of Attraction” or not, it is a fact that energy flows where your attention goes.

So how can we harness this energy in a deliberate manner to attract a partner, a potential mate or maybe just a date?

Well, to start with think about this.  Where is your attention?  What are you thinking about?

I remember when I was single and hanging out with my single girlfriends, at that time an extremely common sentiment that I would hear over and over again from many smart, beautiful and talented single women who all really wanted to find a nice man and settle down was “All the good men are taken.  All the good men are either married or gay”.  Consequently, those very same intelligent and attractive women who really wanted to find a nice man would more often than not meet the men who were married, gay or otherwise unavailable.  It was inevitable. 

Because you attract what you think about whether you want it or not.

Therefore you need to be aware of your thoughts and vibrations.  Because, as you think about what you want, the Universe brings it to you and as you think about what you don’t want the Universe also brings it to you. Everything is included; there is no exclusion in the Universe. Whatever you focus on will come into your experience, whether you actually want it or not.

Now of course, these women didn’t “want” to attract married and gay men. And perhaps they were just expressing the frustrations they were having but they were creating an endless cycle.  They were attracting exactly what they were thinking about , “married and gay men” and not thinking about and therefore not attracting what they really wanted which was a “nice man to settle down with”. 

So if you want to use the Power of Law of Attraction to deliberately bring you what you really want the best thing and really the only thing to do is to…

“Think about and focus only upon that which you really want." 

If you find that difficult there are some very valuable techniques you can use.  One easy and very effective technique is to use affirmations.  Write down what you want and what you are looking for and then develop some affirmative statements that coincide with your list.  Say it to yourself over and over again.  Repeat and repeat.

For example….

“I meet nice and available people everyday”

“I always meet nice, single men”

“I am so happy and grateful that I am able to connect with the type of person that I want to have in my life”

And so on.  You get the picture.  Just make the affirmation true to you.  If it resonates with your heart and soul, it is more likely to work for you and you are more likely to use it to your advantage. 

One more thing, as it starts to work and you start attracting the kind of person you are looking for, remember to be grateful. 

The Universe loves Gratitude.  

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