10 Tips To Infidelity-Proof Your Relationship


Infidelity can sneak up on even the most solid partnerships.According to an infidelity poll conducted by WomanSavers.com of 6,330 women, 92% believe that emotional affairs lead to physical affairs, whereas only a mere 7% believe they do not.With the increase in technology, cheating has become … [Read more...]

Could Loneliness Be The Dawn of Real Happiness And Romance?


Loneliness is one of the deepest sorrows – at its peak it feels like a quiet desperation, a yearning to melt completely with another, a slow suffocation that we can’t escape no matter what. And it was shocking to see how common it is. The media has begun to describe the spread of loneliness as an … [Read more...]

Are You Playing The Blame Game? Do Any Of These Situations Sound Familiar?


Randy was reaching for a doughnut when his wife glared at him.  Inside, Randy could feel a defiance surging inside. He reached for the second doughnut and felt smug and happy with himself.Janet struggled to maintain her composure when Jerry joked about her going to spend her morning with a bunch … [Read more...]