How Your Actions Outside The Bedroom Can Make or Break Your Sex Life


I have a little experience with bad sex. I’ve been married three times. This last one took. To tell you the truth my first two husbands would say my current husband was lying if he told them how often and how amazing our sex life is. Honestly, I have been one of those fortunate women who have … [Read more...]

How To Celebrate Your New Beginning With A Divorce Party


It's sad when people fall out of love. But dissolving an unhealthy, unhappy marriage is a good thing, and it takes a lot of courage to stand up and say, "We deserve better."Divorce parties not only let us close the door on that misery, these rites of passage provide the ritual we need to help us … [Read more...]

Thinking About Breaking Up Or Getting A Divorce? Try This First…


Your marriage, or relationship, may look perfect from the outside, but what happens when it’s not so perfect on the inside. You’ll almost certainly know that feeling, that inner cry for help, when you need someone to talk to about your marriage, or just a tough relationship problem… but you’re not … [Read more...]