11 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Guy


Women talk, a lot! I think we speak 5x as many words as guys and I guarantee that guys do not even hear or notice or process 1/4 of the words we say. That being said, since women do love to talk, there are some things you should never say to your man.

Here are the Top 11 Things You Should Never Say To A Guy

#1 Another Mans Name In Bed

Unless that name is God or Jesus, do not speak of any other men. Never good. And it’s worse if you say the name of an

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Now, there may be a time when you slip up and do accidentally say another guys name, if this happens try your best to cover it up. Hopefully, the names rhyme. IN other words, lets pretend you say the name “Sean” and just happen to be sleeping with a guy named “John”. That can easily be fixed by swearing you said the right name. If you think getting the right name will be a problem then just stick to moaning and saying “yes”.

#2 “Your Best Friend/Brother/Waiter Is Hotter Than You”

Guys do not take this as personally as women do. But it is still a blow to his ego even if you are joking. There is no reason to make him feel bad about himself. Even if it is true. If you happen to mention another guy looks hot, do not admit that they are hotter than your own man. Make sure your guy knows you love him and all his body parts.

#3 My Cat Is My Best Friend

In fact go ahead and leave out any mention of a cat, or stuffed animal. You might think it is adorable, he on the other hand does not. Also do your best to hide any said animals. If you are super attached to a pet or stuffed animal and he seems ok with it, great.

That being said do not talk “baby talk” to your pet or toy when your man is in the room. Also, do not dress your pet up in outfits nor call your pet a stupid name aka anything with Mr. or Miss.

#4 “I’ve Had Better/Seen Bigger”

There is a really good chance you have had better sex and seen a bigger dick but there is nothing he can do about
that plus it makes you sound like a whore. If you enjoy sex with your man then great, there is no need to mention past penises or lays. And when you get mad at your guy never use his sack skills as fighting material. Leave him with some pride.

#5 “In College I Slept With The Football Team”

Ok maybe it wasn’t the whole team but if your number of sex partners is twice your age, it’s best to fib a little bit here. Nothing wrong with dropping a good 10-20 off your number. Not saying you shouldn’t be proud, but keep it to yourself. WE live
in a society that has gross double standards but it is true, women that have a lot of partners are seen as sluts and guys are seen as studs. I think it has something to do with the fact that women can always get laid and guys have to work at it.

#6 “My Ex Did This Thing In Bed…”

Never ever bring up your ex especially if it had something to do with his mad sex skills.

The thing is, you are with a new guy now and there is no reason to destroy his confidence by bringing up other dudes. Now if there is a cetain move you wish your guy would do to you then just lie and say you read it in a magazine. Even though that “magazine” was the past sexual romps you had before your guy.

#7 “You Are Such An Idiot…”

Whether you just started dating or have been dating for a while never call your guy names or talk down to him. This sort of thing is super emasculating and no guy deserves to be put down by the girl he likes. Never attack him personally or upset his pride no matter how mad he makes you.

#8 “We Need To Talk”

This sentence never ever ends well so unless you are deciding to break up, don’t ever say this! If you are deciding to break up, then by all means say this. And feel free to say the other 7 things written above. BUT, only if it is truly over!

#9 I Am Looking For A Relationship That Leads Mo marriage

This will make you seem like a chick who’s just decided it’s time to get married and make babies and all you need is some poor bastard to plug into your fairy tale formula. Never ever say this to a guy.

#10 “I Like Successful Men”

Or “I only date successful men”. This means “I am a gold digger.”

You might as well put an ATM by your bed, as far as a guy is concerned. You should never say this to a guy, because it’s like “Hey! I’m a feminist and all, but what I really want is a guy to spend shit loads of money on me” Never say this to a dude. Ever. He will run, if he’s smart. If he doesn’t, then know he’s aware that you are shallow and superficial and that he probably is too. So don’t you dare chunk up on him, or your gravy train will be over.

#11 “I Used To Do (Insert Sex Act Here) But I Don’t Anymore”

That will piss your man off. He’ll be like “why did you do that with him (or her or them) and not with me?

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