4 Simple Insights That Will Make You Sexier!


OK, I’m going to let it all hang out. When I look back to my own love life, it was a nightmare and boy, it seems like anther life time ago. I remember when I dreaded dating; especially first dates; I always worried that I made my dates head for the hills after 30 minutes of my desperate energy. If I happen to get a second or third date with the same guy, I took on this “He picked me” mentality!


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1. Dating scared me.
2. I scared me.
3. I didn’t know how to date smart.
4. I didn’t know where or how to find the guys I envisioned being with.
5. I settled for any dates.
6. Even though I knew it wasn’t a good fit, I would continue to date him, and yes, even jump into a relationship.

Dating And Sitting In The Driver’s Seat

When it comes to showing your softer side or talking about yourself, you just want to keep on hiding. Dating can actually be a wonderful experience. Imagine how liberating it could be to actually go on dates where you’re in the driver’s seat; where you’re at a place of feeling so comfortable with sharing yourself, your world in such an authentic way, that being vulnerable, is second nature.

Well, I can attest that this is absolutely possible. I guarantee you can evolve from being the bad insecure dater to being the smart, confident dater MAN. I know because I have done it. With these 4 simple insights, you will start to see where you’ve been hitting the wall and missing the door. Let these insights be that door to more amazing dating opportunities.

Insights That Will Ultimately Make You Sexier

1. Is your life hanging by a thread? Is the rest of your life in order? Does it feel like you have enough emotional space in your life to invite a dating relationship? More times than you can recall, do you consistently get stressed out because of debt or is the J-O-B a PIA? The fact is, there is amazing opportunities that come with being single. The opportunity to get your life, your finances, your emotions and friendships in amazing order.

2. People always telling you NO. Take this example: There is someone in my life where every time I share something I want to achieve or a special dream I want to pursue, they always respond with “Well what about this! Or what about that or can I make a suggestion?” They mean well, but the truth is they’re actually telling me, in so many words, that I can’t do it. If we want to achieve love success or any success for that matter, we really need to start monitoring when, why and how these people are showing in our lives. Remember, dream and dream BIG!

3. The love of your life is right there in front of you! Have you met the man who is going to love you no matter what, support you no matter what and always have the right answers? Well, believe this, you’ve met him already. He’s YOU. Until you love yourself truly, authentically and fully you cannot hope to find that love in another.

4. Planning is SEXY! *Meeting, dating and creating a relationship with the man of your dreams does not just happen, it requires these things: VISION, CLARITY, DESIRE and ACTION.
• VISION – specifically defining exactly who you want to be within a relationship. It just doesn’t stop at physical characteristics. It goes beyond that reaching towards core values, relationship requirements, how you see the world.
• CLARITY – understanding who you are, your truth, needs and requirements. What is your truth? What are your deal-breakers?
• DESIRE – a willingness to do the work to clear the path for a healthy loving relationship.
• ACTION – doing what is necessary, being aware and listening to your inner voice so you will recognize him when you finally do meet.

*A client of mine came up with number 4 after coaching together for 5 months. He is truly on the path to having the relationship of his dreams.

When Your Dating Life Takes A Turn For The Better

Dating can be a beautiful time in the relationship process. With these insights not only will you attract men who play in your league, spend time with amazing guys who listen to your words, you will attract them frequently and consistently. If you are dead serious about being in a loving long-term relationship, you will start working from the inside out by following these simple insights.

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