5 Signs You Need To End A Bad Relationship STAT


Ending a bad relationship with your boyfriend might be the last thing that you want to do, but when it’s time to get rid of him, it’s time to get rid of him. Putting up with a guy that you know is wrong for you isn’t going to make things any easier. You will eventually grow tired of the way that he treats you and end it, so why not save yourself a lot of time and pain?

When you’re in a bad relationship, it’s important to define the reasons that you’re staying with this person. Once you have discovered the psychology behind this you can move on and grow.

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Here are 5 signs you need to end that bad relationship stat!

#1 You Don’t Look Forward To Seeing Him

If you are dating a guy and you’re not excited to see him at the end of the day, it’s probably a sign that you need to end it. Your significant other should be a welcomed treat after a hard day in the office or at school. But if you’re cringing at the thought of having to deal with your boyfriend or even considering making up an excuse not to see him, you should probably end it before you do something that you regret. Many women stay with guys just so they have somebody. Companionship is important in life, but you don’t want to forgo having a great relationship to hold on to a bad relationship that isn’t working.

#2 He Gets Calls In The Middle Of The Night

When your boyfriend is getting calls in the middle of the night, there are several things that you should be on the lookout for. The first is if the number has been saved. When a guy is getting calls from an unsaved number it could be mean that he doesn’t want you to know who is calling. This could also be a wrong number, but if he’s getting a lot of calls there is probably something wrong. Ask your boyfriend to answer the phone the next time it rings. If he is calm and natural with the other person on the line, he’s probably not doing anything wrong. If he’s really nervous, you might want to be suspicious.

#3 He Doesn’t Talk About The Future

A guy that doesn’t talk about the future doesn’t see a future with you – this is a bad relationship that needs to end. This is a golden rule that you should always live by. When a guy is excited about the relationship, he looks forward to trips, family gatherings and other things that the two of you will be doing together. When he doesn’t talk about the future, it’s because he doesn’t want there to be one. Being in a bad relationship with a guy that is just going through the motions is not only frustrating it’s unhealthy. If you think that your guy is disinterested in a future with you, you should probably sit down and have a chat. Get everything out on the table and end it if necessary.

#4 You Have Different Views

Whether you’re talking about politics or religion, different views can be great for a relationship. However, when you take things to the extreme it’s probably not going to work out. If he’s far right and you’re far left every political report can turn into a heated argument. Being different adds a little drama to the relationship and can even spark passion, but when you take things to polar opposites you’re just asking for trouble. Consider what your life would be like with somebody that shared your viewpoints and ask yourself if you would be much more happy. If you’re constantly getting into debates over every little thing – this is a bad relationship that needs to end.

#5 He’s The Jealous Type

The jealous type can be cute at first, but this is a REALLY bad relationship. It’s endearing to think that your guy cares enough about you to get irritated when other guys look at you. But problems can arise from this type of guy and the routine of jealousy can get very old very quickly. If you are dealing with the jealous type, ask yourself if you are willing to put up with his suspicions every time you leave the house. Being accused of cheating or watching your boyfriend yell at a guy who he thinks is flirting with you every time you go out can be extremely annoying. Ending things with a jealous guy can be hard. They will try to rope you back in through texts, flowers and other methods. Stand your ground and you will be glad that you dodged this bullet – this is a bad relationship that needs to end!

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