5 Things Women Do That Ruin A Relationship


Women are not the only ones who can ruin a relationship, but there are a few things that a lot of women do that send men running for the hills. In a healthy relationship, both parties can talk about what is bothering them or common problems that can be avoided.

If you’re starting feel a rift between you and your guy, you can easily bring him back into the fold by making a few changes to yourself and the way that you handle issues when they come up.

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Here are 5 things that women do to ruin a relationship.

1. Nagging Will Destroy Any Relationship

Nagging can be one of the most annoying things to a man.

Women that nag instantly get eye rolls from their spouses. It doesn’t matter if it’s over the trash, dirty dishes or laundry, nagging your guy to do something over and over again is going to get on his nerves.

Keep in mind that an overbearing mother during childhood can affect a man well into the rest of his life. If you nag and he has had this in his past, he could find it so annoying that he leaves you. If he’s doing something that really bothers you, be a mature adult and talk to him about it. Let him know what he’s doing and how much it bothers you. Once he knows that it’s a problem, he will change his ways.

2. Pushing Marriage Too Soon

Marriage is one of those things that every woman wants.

There isn’t a girl on this earth that doesn’t want to walk down the aisle with the guy of her dreams. But when you’re pushing marriage too soon you’re going to ruin what you have. Marriage is a huge step and it should not be taken lightly.

Properly planning for a future with a guy is not something that can happen overnight. If you’ve been with your guy for over a year and he’s not event talking about marriage you might have a problem on your hands. But if you’ve been together for a couple of months and you’re trying to get a ring, you need to slow it down.

Remember that a marriage is a marriage, not just the wedding.

3. Not Meeting Him Halfway

Here’s a very big problem that a lot of women face.

Traditionally, men have been the breadwinner in relationships.  However, the last 20-30 years have made women even more successful than men in the workplace. Some women talk about equality until it’s time for the check. If you’re going to be in a relationship, you need to meet him halfway. This doesn’t just extend to finances though. Compromise is the foundation for every relationship and without it you will have a very unhappy man.

Always getting your way or always letting him get his way is not going to accomplish anything. Make sure that your relationship is a 50/50 partnership or you will find your guy leaving you.

4. Getting Distant

One of the things that makes men crazy is when a girl does not talk about what is bothering them.

Men like strong women that aren’t afraid to tell them what they want and what they don’t want. So many women clam up and get distant when they don’t like something about the relationship. If you don’t talk to your guy he could just give up all together and leave you.

The truth is that men love when there are no problems in a relationship. When you work through your problems he’s going to feel closer to you. Men are used to women getting distant when they don’t like something or when they are angry so when you open up to him, you will find that he is much more open and respectful.

Don’t let things fester. This will only make it worse for you and him.

5. Threatening To leave

This is something that all men hate in a relationship.

If you are threatening to leave him, you better be ready to do it. When your guy does something that you can’t stand and you threaten to leave him, he sees this as a bluff. It’s not until you actually leave him that he’s going to respect you.

So many women threaten to leave their guys every day and never do. The guy sees this as an empty threat and the behavior just recycles over and over again. This can easily ruin the relationship.

Men that get away with things and never have ramifications are going to walk all over you. Make a decision and actually leave him if the behavior does not get corrected.

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