9 Soul Mate Myths That Will Screw Up Your Love Life


How many times have you heard someone say “I want to find my soul mate?” Since we do intuitive and other types of readings and analyses (using comprehensive handwriting   analysis, astrology, numerology and tarot) the subject of love and soul mates is a popular one; we hear it on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis.

Unfortunately, most people’s perception of the concept of soul mates is based on movies and fairytales instead of reality. It’s easy to erroneously assume that everyone has a single soul mate, and if you could just find the person, you’d have the ideal love life.
Well, this simply is false. In fact, the results of our on-going empirical research indicate that there are many misconceptions about soul mates.
In addition, after matching and observing thousands for love relationships as a matchmaker, and regressing nearly as many for past life love issues, we’ve noticed that there are some soul mate myths that repeatedly trip up even the most successful and intelligent people.

1. The “Everyone Has One Soul Mate” Myth

This myth causes plenty of problems. What if you fall in love at age 22 and then the relationship ends when you’re 25? Are you meant to be alone for the rest of your life? Is that as good as it gets?
Depending on your love karma and personal fate, maybe. But it’s always a good idea, when you’re single, to remain open for compatible love possibilities because everyone has many soul mates. A soul mate is simply someone you’ve known in a past life. Some are very compatible for love relationships, and some are not at all.

2. The “When Soul Mates Find Each Other, The Perfect Relationship Will Automatically Ensue” Myth

When soul mates find each other, they sometimes have good karma to enjoy, but more often, they have challenging karma to work through. Why, you ask? Because your soul (not your personality) contracted to return to Earth to grow and learn, and challenges involving a “soul mate” are often the perfect circumstances to accelerate your spiritual growth.

3. The “Soul Mate Relationships are Meant to Last Forever” Myth

If you think about this, it really doesn’t make much sense since everyone is always evolving, changing, improving, and sometimes regressing at different rates. Are you the same person you were 20 years ago? Of course not.
Do you expect your best friend from 6th grade to be your best friend when you’re 80? It can happen, but it’s rare. Do you expect to have your first job for the rest of your life? No. Granted, many couples can “grow old” together and are destined to do so, but often it’s just not meant to be long term. Resisting this will only cause more heartache and stress.
Acceptance of your situation and what you can’t change will allow you to cherish and be grateful for what you have now and what is to come in the future. At the same time, we do acknowledge that the deep love of many soul mate connections is developed over many lifetimes. Love is forever, but unfortunately the duration of relationships (no matter how
strong of a connection) in this incarnation oftentimes aren’t.

4. The “Twin Flame” Myth

Some believe that the “other half” of their soul was created at the same time as their soul, and if you are able to find your twin flame, you will experience a love relationship of the highest kind.
This sounds nice, but all of our findings indicate this theory is complete myth. One of the problems with this belief is that it could potentially cause people to have sky-high expectations of partners that no one could possibly meet. It’s best to just accept each partner and relationship as they are, rather than what you want them to be.

5. The “You Can Create the Love Life of Your Dreams if You Choose to do So” Myth

If we believed this hype that so many of today’s New Age and self-help authors have claimed in their books, we would be ignoring our extensive empirical research, in which we’ve found that personal fate, karma, and free will do exist. This means that you have the free will to create what you want, but only within the confines of your fate or destiny (same concepts, by the way).
You have free will to make the most of your love life, but you can’t “create” an ideal soul mate relationship if a soul mate isn’t destined to show up in your life and also be attracted to and
compatible with you.

6. The “Your Soul Mate is the Love of Your Life” Myth

One of your more compatible soul mates may possibly be the love of your life, but you don’t know that for sure until the last day of your life.

7. The “A soul Mate Relationship Failed if it Didn’t Last a Lifetime” Myth

Based on our findings, all relationships have destined beginnings and endings. Some are meant to be short-term (even if the couple chooses to stay together as, essentially, roommates), and some are meant to be long-term. In our opinion, all relationships, no matter how long they last, are successful because of what you gain from each one. Whether or not you   learned what you were meant to from the experience, not how many years you were together, is of most importance.

8. The “Waiting for a Soul Mate to Come Back” Myth

It’s not easy to let go when your partner wants to leave the relationship. But 90% of the time they are not coming back; they’ve already made up their mind and it’s pointless to try to manipulate the situation. It’s best to stop waiting for them, accept that it’s over, be grateful for what you experienced, and move on.
You have a choice; resist and generate more unhappiness, or accept what is and let go. Even if they do decide to return to you some day, letting go now will not interfere with that. In fact, it will allow you to see the situation clearly and if it’s really in your highest interest to accept them back into your life.

9. The “I Should Meet my Soul Mate by Age 25 (or 30 or 40 or Whatever Age)” Myth

It would be nice if you could just apply for and receive your soul mate at a certain age, much like you do a driver’s license. The reality is that some people are meant to meet a more compatible person or people early in life, and some must have a little more patience.

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We are able to determine, by looking at someone’s comprehensive numerology and astrology charts and, or through an intuitive reading, when they are likely to meet that special person or special people, and everyone’s timing is different.

Considering the above soul mate myths and viewing your love life with fresh perspective should lead to more happiness, and perhaps in a different way than you first thought.

If you’re single and would like to meet a compatible soul mate, the best approach is to let go of the past, accept and learn to like being single, and remain open to people who don’t fit every one of your requirements.

If you’re involved and would like to improve your relationship, let go of the past, accept your partner as they are, and do what you can to make the most of the relationship.

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