Boost Your Self Confidence And Become Irresistible!


Going through a case of the ‘blahs’?  Maybe feeling like you’ll never find ‘that special someone’ or that the special someone you are with just doesn’t seem interested??

I think deep down everyone is somehow searching.  Searching for the right mate, searching for ways to find happiness, searching for ways to be appreciated. We’ve all been there, once or twice.

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It may sound cliché but the truth is, if you are willing to boost yourself up, then others will quickly take notice.  Think about the times that you have been in love or the times that you have felt most alive and happy. Those are the times when you were attracting people TO you – effortlessly.

The Spark

I’ll bet that these are also the instances in which you felt energized by life. THAT, right there, is the key to attaining and maintaining your irresistibility!!  Everyone is attracted to those who carry the “spark of life” and everyone has the potential to shine.

It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, it doesn’t matter what job you have or what people you know.  What matters is how you treat yourself and how you view the world around you.

Optimists have this easier, as they are naturally pulled toward looking at life with a positive frame of mind.  Pessimists are a little more tricky, they have to consciously decide that they are convinced that the sun can shine on the gloomiest of days.

And common sense alone will dictate that the people you come in contact with will always be attracted to those who feel self assured and happy from the inside out.

Trust me, I am about the most positive person I know, and even “I” have my moments where I would just rather lie down and feel poopy then look on the bright side.  Okay, well that happens to the best of us but what is important is not allowing those times to take up the majority of your life.

After all, life is short. Problems will always be there, but LIFE itself won’t.  I know the bills are there. We all have them, but I choose to gain strength in that moment when I notice I’m having a good hair day or when my son looks cute smiling at me even with his runny nose.

Convince Yourself

The only trick here is to convince yourself that you can choose to be happier and FEEL better.

I find it interesting to hear about people who are out there on the hunt, searching for another person to fulfill them; to make them whole.

Do you want to know the fastest way to achieve this task?  Stop focusing on the search and look from within.  It doesn’t take a grandiose effort either.  Smile more and invest in moments that make you feel good.

Give yourself a night off and take a bath by candle light.  Put on your favorite song and dance until the last note plays.   You will find if you take this approach you will attract people who enjoy you when you are happiest and who want to partake in that.

YOU Have the Power

Plus, you will always be armed with the knowledge that you have the ultimate power to ensure your happiness.  You will not become a cling on who believes happiness is only created from the love of another person.  You will know that anyone else in your life can become an addition to your happiness, not the sole object of it.  And that, my friends, is healthy.

I’ve always said that there is something to be noted about sex appeal.  I consider myself to be a picky lady when it comes to men and I would say that sex appeal is more then 50% of what I base my attraction to someone on.  Looks do not carry as much weight.

Be Happy Being You

Someone who is comfortable in their own skin and gives off a positive outlook is so much more appealing and will attract many others then the gorgeous guy with the sucky attitude.  Think of it this way, if you met someone who was fulfilled with themselves, that gives them confidence. They are content and happy, and that makes them all the more alluring to be around.

It’s a benefit all around.  You think about what makes you happy, make a conscious effort to have a good day and think positively and that will be noticed by those around you.   If you don’t find people taking notice right away, keep it up. You soon will and until you do, you are STILL making yourself a happier person along the way.

I think there are many people in situations where they feel hopeless, like they will never find the right partner or that their partner will never love them the way they want them to.  The only thing they are not realizing is that it begins with them first.

Building strength and happiness as an individual is what will attract so many others into your world.  There is no reason why you can’t start now.  Wear your favorite outfit to the grocery store and smile… It seems like nothing, but I’ll bet you feel good and others will see that too!

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