Do You Have To Leave The Country To Find A Good Woman?


I have a friend who is preparing to move to Costa Rica for two reasons. One is financial as he believes he can live more cheaply there. Since all his grown children live here in the States, the second reason might be the more important one. He is also moving to Costa Rica for the women. He finds the women of Costa Rica more satisfying.

Just before I found out my friend was leaving for Costa Rica, I ran across a web site by a man who specializes in introducing American men to Eastern European women. His reasons for hosting the site are similar to my friend’s reasons for moving to Costa Rica. This man married an Eastern European woman a few years ago after discovering that they are beautiful and submissive. At least that is his experience of them. He believes they know how to take care of their men and homes in ways that Northern American women no longer know how to do.

Do Better Women Exist In Other Countries?

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I don’t know what it’s like in your world between men and women, but I do know what it is like in mine. At the risk of coming across as arrogant, I thought I would write about what it is like in my world because I think Joseph and I have created something others can also create with the results being romantic relationship satisfaction. You see, Joseph is seventeen years my senior. He comes from a generation where women were expected to be homemakers, mothers, and submissive. However, 1) he doesn’t expect that of me and 2) I bring some of that to the relationship in addition to being a career woman.

I’ve heard it said that a woman can have it all, she just can’t have it all at the same time. A woman cannot be a stay-at-home-mom and a career woman (unless that career happens online or some other way from her home). She can have a career some of the years of her life and be a stay-at-home-mom other years of her life. A woman can be married, have a career and/or motherhood, and have a great sex life! However, having that great sex life, while balancing all the rest, takes proactive action plans and having the attitude that she is desirable. Those action plans and attitude take time and energy that have to come from somewhere, which means something goes without her attention. That something might be housework or yard work.

A man can have it all: a career, loyal friends, a beautiful wife who also has a career, children, and a sex life with that beautiful wife that rocks as long as he realizes that having it all may very well mean pitching in around the house and in his children’s lives in ways his own father never did. These days, having enough money to support our lives requires that both spouses work. Between technological advances and this information age we live in, both spouses need and deserve to have jobs and creative pursuits that satisfy them.

My house will never, ever look like something out of the “Southern Homes & Living” magazine! Even if I tried, I couldn’t make it happen even for a single day. But my home is important to me. I make it cozy and warm. Joseph appreciates this. The coziness and warmth make him feel welcome.

What A Real Relationship Is All About

When we work together, whether it is at a couple’s retreat, on our internet radio show, giving a presentation, in our writing, or relationship coaching; we work as equals. We know our own and each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We know how to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses in order to produce the best results possible. Working in tandem is fun and juicy because we are free to appreciate the best in each other and support each other through the moderate and worst parts!

In our intimacy, whether that is date night, playfully teasing each other, sharing our day, or making love, I bring my respect for him as a man of action to the table (or bed) and he brings his respect for my feelings to the table (or bed). In other words, there are times each and every day for me to relax into my role as the receptive feminine woman and him to stand in his role as the active masculine man.

When we get crossways, we do not abuse each other. Nor do we abuse the privilege of knowing each other so well. When there is roughness between us, as soon as we are able, we each take responsibility for the situation and work our way back to connectedness.

All these things take effort from both of us. All these things and the effort they take are why the laundry piles up, the house and yard are not perfect, and our pets run us more than other pet owners would allow! But we get to have each other, cherishing and honoring each other in our love, passion, and friendship with one another.

There is an awesome quote by Brian Tracy that has to do with business relationships but might just as well have to do with romantic ones. It goes like this, “The fastest way to improve your relationships is to make others feel important in every way possible.”

Good relationships take work. But if you are willing to determine where in your life you can make sacrifices that are really not such a big deal, you can find the time and energy to be and do what it takes to remember you each think the other hung the moon, and find new ways of letting him or her know just how much you appreciate them for that!

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