How Incense and Pot Can Save Your Relationship…


Incense and pot… old friends together again.

Remember those days back in college? Oh well, even if you don’t remember or you don’t want to admit to it…

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Here’s the story about how incense and pot saved our relationship last year…


Last year we were literally homeless for two weeks – at the Westin Stonebriar Resort. If you have to be homeless, that’s the way to go!

The problem, even with some of the nicer hotels, is that there is usually only one bathroom and the potty is in the open.

Dan and I have a really open relationship but there are a few things that we choose not to share. Our bathroom habits and associated aromas are some of those things.

So how did we survive 2 weeks sharing this incredibly open bathroom arrangement?

Simple – Incense.


People have used incense for years to cover up the smell of pot (the organic variety). We just applied the same logic to our very confined bathroom arrangement and were very pleasantly suprised. Incense is an amazing odor eliminator – better than any of those spray can concoctions that usually make the room smell horrible and stinky in another, but no better, way.


So please be kind to your significant other – light an incense in the bathroom every time you use the ‘pot’ – they’ll love you for it!

Have a great day!
Dan & Jennifer

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