How Men Can Create Healthy And Happy Relationships


Guys, this one’s for you – and ladies, feel free to pass it on to any guy you know in your life who’s on a path toward thinking holistically about love, relationships and family.

Creating A Path For Healthy, Happy Relationships

Much of my work focuses on how women relate to the opposite sex, why they make the decisions that they do, how they can make better decisions, and begin by loving THEMSELVES. While all this is also true for men, of course, it tends to have greater appeal to the gals. However, I’m also interested in how the male mind relates to relationships, and I there are many, many guys out there who are on paths toward fulfilling, honest and healthy relationships. So lately I’ve been tapping into this demographic, in preparation for my next book which will be specifically geared for the men!

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In the process of doing so, I’ve asked a lot of questions, talked about a lot of so-called “taboo” subjects, and been impressed and humbled by the honest answers I’ve been given. What I’ve come up with is this: How we approach relationship and sex cannot be separated from our values about children, marriage and family (considering one primary unconscious drive is to procreate). Having stated the obvious, it’s what isn’t so obvious that I would like to help illuminate with my next book, so as a culture we are better equipped to raise healthy, thriving children, rather than continue the cycle of dysfunction we each in our own way struggle to be free of.

What Men Need To Know Before Pursuing A Relationship

What I’ve gathered through this research is a series of questions, a few of which I will list here, that I think it’s important for guys to know the answers to before they seek out their ideal relationship.

So men, it’s your turn to tell your version, your truth, and here are a few questions to help you get started (if you’re so inclined, we would LOVE for you to email your answers – or your story, or both! – to [email protected]. We read and respond personally to each email and I may feature you in upcoming work!

  1. Do you respect women?
  2. How do you respect them?
  3. At the end of the day, do you feel it’s ultimately a woman’s job to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant?
  4. If someone you have sex with does get pregnant and decides to keep the baby, what responsibility do you have to this child and to the mother?
  5. What do you think a father’s responsibilities are?
  6. What qualities should a woman look for in a man they want to have children with?
  7. Why do you feel we have such an epidemic of “absent“fathers in our culture?
  8. What makes a great father?
  9. What sacrifices are men generally unwilling to make to be a great father?
  10. What will you never give up to be a great husband and father?

As you ponder these questions – and these are only a few of the ones I’ve been asking the men in MY life! – here’s a little feedback from men I’ve worked with who are asking the big questions about how they relate to the opposite sex.

In this video, my husband talks to my first men’s relationship class about why friction is good in a relationship!

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